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It is allright being here. But what's it all about?

Work in progress. updated 26th March 2024

Non-Duality, as we use the term here is a philosophy, not a religion. It should be acknowledged though, that all true philosophy is ultimately concerned with uncovering the ultimate truth supporting our existence.
Here, through the process of philosophy within historical traditions, the ultimate truth of existence itself is that it is a singularity, only one thing exists.

From the Sufi tradition, a part of Muslim tradition. There is the poetry of Rumi.
From Sufism's Sacred Fihi ma Fihi: Discourses of Rumi, Discourse 11
“I am God.” Some people think this is a great pretension, but “I am God” is in fact a great humility. Those who say, instead, “I am a servant of God” believe that two exist, themselves and God. But those who say, “I am God” have become nothing and have cast themselves to the winds. They say, “I am God” meaning, “I am not, God is all. There is no existence but God. I have lost all separation. I am nothing.” In this the humility is greater.

Also from Rumi.
My soul and yours have been essentially one,
As well as my appearance and yours, and my hiddenness and yours.
Only for the sake of others understanding did I say ‘Mine and Yours’.
Since in reality there is no ‘Me’ and ‘You’ in my interior and yours.



Here in the west, we have our well organised traditions, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism.
We believe that one needs to contemplate on the one fact directly to see or realise that fact of nonduality. Know the one thing to know all.



Example of Enquiry Practice

Self Enquiry back to Nothing and the proof of Advaita, nonduality.
Existence has always been.
Imagine Nothing.
in nothing there can be no being.
In nothing there can be no in.
In nothing there can be no nothing.

Nothing, Imagine.

Now A grain of sand or a flower or a universe.
Nothing can come from nothing
At once nothing is no more.
At once nothing could never have been.
At once the eternal consciousness of absolute knowledge existing   is revealed.
This existence is eternal Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, Consciousness supports all.
Consciousness knowledge bliss.

The fact of Existence now,   a grain of sand etc.   is seen by us as infinitely regressive proof of existence.   That is,  knowledge   in itself,   is existence.   That is,   there can now be no  "time"  prior to Existence. This is our proof of Non-Origination and immortality.  That is, there exists no true birth.
All that Exists is all there Ever has been.   All that Exists is all there ever will be.  No more, no Other, no less.



Inner or Self Enquiry   See also Wikipedia Link
A well known example of enquiry is one propounded by Sri Ramana Maharishi It consists of tracing the 'I' thought.

Briefly, this consists of asking the question "to whom does this thought occur?" Every time a thought arises. The answer will be along the lines of "to me."
The enquiry follows "Who am I?"
As the enquiry takes its course, within each enquirer according to there discriminative powers insights will occur that can lead to an understanding of unity.

It has also been seen that such enquiry can lead to the understanding that nearly all, if not all at this stage, of thoughts are ultimately unnecessary. This gives the clue that the ´mind´ that produces this stream of thoughts is really just an overactive unsupervised servant function and does not exist as an entity at all. Once seen this will lead to deeper stillness and release. In a practitioner whose intellect and intuition is becoming cleansed focused and single pointed through meditation practice, this enquiry will clarify to the significance of "I AM"




On Meditation Practice
The Meditation has to be given by a teacher.
No example of meditation can be given. It is a subtle process.
But be fearless as if your life depended on it.
So How to talk of Meditation?
How to discover freedom through discipline?
How to close in to concentration but be wide open to the new?
How to hold tight but with a loose grip?
How to discard every treasure that arises in order to devote  everything to that still to come?
How to gift away all that is received?
How to gift away ones self?
How to know the validity of such a private practice?
How to discard all for purity and start again and again?
How to trust that nothing of truth can be lost or forgotten?
How not to rest even in the warmth of the Self?
How not to tire even through the ache of desire?
How to lay desire to rest at the feet of God?
How to know the ability to love truly as the greatest power it is.

If using a mantra
Your mantra will have been sounded by the ancients.
It´s purity has been confirmed by the wise seers. Learn to listen, to know your Mantra intimately.
This sound can be trusted to lead you at all times. Giving up all else follow your mantra with an open heart.

If your practice is object oriented
As your attention becomes focused to a point become aware that this object is caused by you. Become aware that you are caused by the object. Both you and object are cause and effect simultaneously. In this full Consciousness be unafraid of merging with this point.

If your practice is breath awareness
As you give up control of your muscles to your posture, become aware of your breathing, and the breath as it enters and leaves through your nostrils. Become aware that you are not ´doing´ breathing. Understand that you are ´being´ breathed. At the turn of each breath follow this process deeper inside.



On The Absolute

Voicing The Absolute.

On Sight
Without eyes all that ever was or will be is seen by me. You see all through me. After your eyes return to dust your vision is held in me. The sense principle is Mine.
On hearing
Without ears no sound startles me. No strains sooth me. But in this eternal silence rests the sound of creation.
On touch
Without flesh neither heat nor cold concern me. But of the warmth of eternal universal love I am That Consciousness.
On Taste
Neither taste nor need to ingest have I. No poisons or ambrosia concern me. With no body to nourish unchanging immutable eternal Consciousness am I.
On Smell
There are no obnoxious odours or enticing fragrances for me. But the breath of life is eternally held in this Consciousness.
The Reality
Truth is not found or produced by the workings of any mind.
All Truth forms the knowledge eternally existent as this Consciousness.
What decision or judgement is required Here, where full and perfect knowing exist eternally?


Ohm   peace,   peace,   peace.



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